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Instant Commissions with Everstage’s Slack Integration

Samra Taban
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Let’s start with a question: how long do sales reps wait for their commissions data post making a request to their Ops teams? Quite a bit, for sure! It takes time for Ops to go through a ridiculous amount of data and put together payout information for a specific time period. 

All this time spent waiting to get clarity on commissions could have been used to plan their quarter better, work on some deals and get closer to their targets. 

This got us thinking. How do we cut out the waiting period and bring commission data to reps… instantly and on-demand in the most buzzing communication hub of our decade? 

Introducing Everstage’s Slack integration: Motivate sales teams with real-time commissions data delivered right to their workplace with a single click!

Slack for sales reps:

Sales reps with complete visibility on commissions in real-time have the power to strategically close more deals, stay motivated in the course, be highly productive and attain quotas in style. 

Everstage’s Slack integration saves you from tedious shadow accounting and rummaging through various sources of data, offering you complete visibility of your commissions.

Never wonder about your commissions again:

Spending the entire quarter in the dark about your performance and resorting to shadow accounting is the old way of doing things. With Everstage’s Slack integration, YOU decide when you want to see how much quota you’ve attained and your earnings in commissions so far. 

Besides a monthly update on your commissions and quota attainment status, choose whether you want to receive notifications on your commissions daily, weekly or biweekly. 

Everstage's slack integration

Once you’ve set up how often you prefer to know about your commissions, we’ll send you a notification on Slack periodically that looks like this:

Know exactly when money hits the bank

Planning a party takes time. So, if you’re all about celebrating it big when you get your commissions, having a little heads up when your payouts are initiated would help heaps and loads. We’ll send you a Slack notification to let you know when it’s time for a bash. 

Milestones call for some serious celebrations

Milestones are important to acknowledge your accomplishments, keep your head in the game and work harder than ever to reach that finish line. We’ll mark the occasion and shoot out a notification to you on Slack when you hit crucial milestones (say, 25%, 50% or 100% of your commissions or quota attainment). 

Keep a hawk eye on what’s happening in plans

As much as you need to have a view of the commissions you are making, it helps to know  and understand the plan you’re on that’ll help you maximize your earnings. Stay in the know everytime there is a change in your plan or when you’re moved to another team.

On-demand commissions data with commands

Whether it’s in the beginning of your work week or 3 a.m. in the morning when you suddenly feel the need to know your earnings, get your commissions status with some simple commands. 

Hit slash on Slack to type in your commands and get data on your /commissions, /quota and /quota attainment. 

Plus, if you’re curious about how much you’d make if you closed certain deals (middle of the night thoughts, huh), use /iamfeelinglucky. It takes you to Crystal, our gamification feature that visualises your projected commissions on closing the deals in your pipeline.

Slack for commission managers:

Keep your reps well-informed about their commissions with quick and efficient communication, right here on Slack. Plus, always stay on top of managing payouts by knowing exactly what's happening with your team’s commissions.

Shoot out commission review reminders to reps

Improve communication with your sales reps and avoid internal disputes by setting up commissions review reminders on the first day of the month and two days before the commission freeze date. 

Keep tabs on what’s happening with your teams’ commissions

Be aware of all the activities happening in commissions. Know when your reps’ commissions are frozen or unfreezed and their commissions are marked as paid or unpaid.

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing how far you’ve come and feeling a rush of determination to head to 100%. Want to give your sales teams the power of  complete visibility of their commissions throughout the quarter? Do you want to keep them amped up to perform beyond their quota and absolutely crush revenue goals? Bring real-time commissions data to their favourite workplace, where they spend most of their day. 

…or as the cool kids say these days: ‘Just Slack it’

Reps using Everstage Slack Integration

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