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Everstage helps hypergrowth companies and enterprises derive pivotal insights from their incentive program to drive profitable growth, and build trust with their commissionable teams.

How it all started

While previously leading Global Revenue Operations at Freshworks, Siva Rajamani observed the lack of intuitive and intelligent systems that could get their incentive program to drive the desired business outcomes. He brought together a team of core Operations professionals with in-depth expertise in sales compensation to provide a solution that truly unlocked the revenue-generating potential of sales commissions.

The vision was to make a product that broadly offered two major game changers. One, insights for Operations and Finance teams to boost the ROI of their incentive program and two, real-time visibility and gamification of earnings for commissionable teams to stay motivated and bring in more business.

Our leadership

Siva Rajamani - Co-Founder & CEO

Siva Rajamani

Co-Founder & CEO

Vivek Suriyamoorthy - Co-Founder & CTO

Vivek Suriyamoorthy

Co-Founder & CTO

Mike Groeneveld - VP of Global Sales

Mike Groeneveld

VP of Global Sales

Our investors

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Everstage raises $13M Series A to make sales commissions more transparent

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Everstage raises $13M to take its sales commission platform worldwide

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