We help your RevOps, GTM and Finance teams finally agree on one thing decisively!

Our Why

Your Go-to-market teams will face a lot of obstacles in their journey towards attaining their goals. But tracking their incentives and performance shouldn’t be one.

It shouldn’t be that hard for RevOps and Finance to automate commissions, share calculations, run bonus programs and track performance data.

Being career RevOps folks ourselves, we have seen the pain points across all of these teams and clearly understand the needs. We started Everstage to solve this problem. Once and for all.

Our Story

The Eureka moment

Like you, we wanted to use our incentive program to effectively motivate and drive performance of our customer-facing teams. We wanted to track quota, automate commissions and experiment with bonus programs with ease.

Spreadsheets did not scale up. The tools we evaluated in the market were inflexible to our needs and wanted us to change what’s working very well for us. So, we began to wonder why everyone had to go through this pain.

Built for your hyper-growth

Your GTM strategy should stay unique to your customer needs. A software shouldn’t dictate what you can do and not. And that’s when Everstage was born.

We decided to build a platform that lets you customize and automate your unique commission plans, quotas and what not, while providing the much needed visibility to help motivate and drive performance of your GTM teams.

Born in COVID

GTM teams have become distributed. The days of one single sales floor to motivate and drive performance is behind us. The luxury of tapping the shoulders of your Revops or Finance teams on clarifications is no more.

Incentives drive performance. But whats the point, if your GTM teams dont have real-time visibility on their performance and incentives. Everstage, born during Covid, uniquely captures the new age requirements of distributed teams. There is never a more better time to automate your commissions process.

Meet our Founders

Siva Rajamani
Co-Founder and CEO
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Vivek Suriyamoorthy
Co-Founder and CTO
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