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How Talent MSH reduces commissions busywork and offers their employees transparency on payouts with Everstage

We help you achieve measurable results


Reduction in manual commission work

<6 weeks

To implement our commissions platform


Reduction in commission related queries

Here’s what people who use Everstage say

The UI is intuitive and also has seamless navigation. I love the Slack integration as it keeps me posted on all deal and payout updates.

Easy-to-read detailed commission statements help me see my progress quickly.

Not only was the tool smooth in terms of our implementation and go-live, we also had some of the best learnings from the Everstage team.

Everstage has been a game-changer for the team. We no longer have to worry about human error or meeting deadlines

My efficiency at closing deals has become better because of the visualizations and predictions that Everstage provides.

It is great that we don't need much manual effort when it comes to coding. It is a great idea and makes sales commissions and incentives easy to handle.

Customer success and implementation is A+, their team has been super nimble and accommodating to our compensation challenges.

I love the flexibility of the tool. It's super easy to build the unique plan structures based on our requirements. There is no platform limitation.

It is very clear that the folks at Everstage really care about their clients and providing long term success in their commissions processes.


Found setting up easy


Vouch for our quality of support


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Customer Stories

featured Success story
Chargebee elevates the commissions experience for 300+ sales reps across 50 teams

Exceptional results with Everstage


faster monthly commission calculations


time saved in managing commissions


weeks to implement Everstage

Postman processed commissions with
99.5% accuracy as their sales teams grew by 300%


time saved in commission management


payout accuracy

MSH reduces time spent on commission processing by 90%


faster monthly commission calculations


reduction in commission-related queries

More success stories

Nitro is a document productivity company that accelerates business processes and drives digital transformation. Everstage helps Nitro free up time spent on administrative tasks and offer on-demand visibility to their revenue teams.

Harri is a Workplace Managemant platform that helps organizations manage and retain the best talent. Everstage simplifies their payout processing by automating multiple condition checks for commission qualification and deferred payouts.

Bennie is an employee benefits platform that helps companies create a healthier workplace and provide better access to benefits for everyone. Everstage reduces their manual commission busywork so that they can focus on strategic projects.

LambdaTest is a continuous quality testing cloud platform that helps developers and testers ship code faster. With the help of detailed statements of payouts, LambdaTest reduces queries from their sales reps regarding commissions.

Trusted by leading companies worldwide


Found setting up easy


Vouch for our quality of support


Are likely to recommend us

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