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MSH reduces time spent on commission processing by 90%

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The Challenge

Managing commissions manually was tedious and offered limited insights for both leadership and commissionable teams

Prior to Everstage, MSH spent a significant amount of time running commission calculations manually. This time could have been better utilized to think of creative ways to amplify their incentive program.

Excel worked well for straightforward commissions. But the implementation of tiered structures and complex components presented many limitations such as accuracy issues and a lack of completeness in calculations. Landon Cortenbach, CFO 
at MSH, knew that scaling with spreadsheets would be difficult and time-consuming as the company grew. MSH was focused on delivering an incentive program that stayed true to its core values of cultivating an environment of transparency, trust, and rewards for hard work.

The MSH team realized the need for a collaborative, intuitive solution to handle commission calculation and payments. They were on a lookout for software that would house its commissions processes and payout data in a single space.

Landon Cortenbach Profile Image
We evaluated a bunch of tools and there was no comparison with Everstage when it came to value for money. We were looking for a tool that would scale and Everstage was perfect for our needs and the partnership we share is really strong.”
Landon Cortenbach

The Solution

MSH automated the commission process with Everstage and provided complete transparency of commissions to employees and administrators

Central space for all things commissions

Everstage provides on-demand access to both historical and current commission data. MSH administrators can manage commissions end-to-end within the Everstage platform.

The interface is unlike Excel where people rely on commission managers and 
the CFO to keep the information updated. Everstage is a collaborative space 
with everything you need in one place.

MSH Admin Dashboard

Detailed down to the last dollar

Everstage’s deal-wise and plan-wise statements were sure-shot winners that amplified visibility to a whole new level. Team MSH wanted to go beyond just seeing cumulative commissions. Everstage provided a framework with a granular view 
of how commissions applied to every deal that was won.

Commissionable employees can track and view their payouts for the upcoming pay cycles. The Everstage dashboard also provides a full view of commissions and quota attainment.

MSH Statements

Implementation and support

Everstage is known for its white-glove onboarding and multichannel support. Customers go live in a matter of weeks. The onboarding and support team is available 24 x 5 to help answer questions and help set up incentive plans for 
users from scratch.

Landon Cortenbach Profile Image
“The support offered by Everstage was really proactive. The implementation was seamless and the general partnership has been tremendously valuable. Overall, I was really pleased.”
Landon Cortenbach

The Result

MSH saves time on commission management and offers on-demand access to payout information

Reaching personal financial goals through visibility of commissions

Everstage's detailed earnings statements and an elaborate dashboard provide visibility of commissions, quota, and more. Reps spend less time shadow accounting and more time focusing on accounts. Being able to visualize commission numbers helps them hit quotas as well as reaching personal financial goals.

Anthony Dematteo Profile Image
Just being able to see the compounding of their work and how it increases their pay check every month is a great motivational factor.Without seeing what you’re getting, it’s hard to sell more.”
Anthony Dematteo
Client Services Manager

10x faster monthly commission calculations

The MSH team now finds it effortless to build commission plans and run monthly and bimonthly payouts with Everstage. A commission management exercise that once took over 30 hours a week now takes less than 3 hours. Maintaining accurate commissions data is another major reason why team MSH considered a sales commission automation platform. With Everstage, the company is able to enhance accuracy which feeds into a culture of trust and transparency.

Landon Cortenbach Profile Image
“Before Everstage, we didn’t have the time to get more creative with our commission plans because we couldn’t handle the workload through our existing system. Everstage allows us to approach our commission program with a customizable solution that offers more flexibility.
Landon Cortenbach

Commission-related queries reduced by 93%

Everstage gives reps more visibility on commissions through detailed statements of earnings, reducing the need for further clarification. Administrators now have a lot fewer questions to answer. has improved since Everstage and it has made a world of a difference to administrators.

The answers to almost all questions that reps commonly raise are already available on Everstage. As a result, administrators barely receive any queries, freeing up their calendar for other strategic projects and responsibilities.

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