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Flip leverages Everstage to drive digital transformation of its commission process

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Stuttgart, Germany
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The Challenge

Flip was using spreadsheets to calculate their commission plans but with the company’s rapid growth, they realized that it wasn’t a sustainable solution in the long-run.

The Germany-based startup had multiple commission components including SPIFs, tiered payouts and quarterly bonuses which would change depending on payee roles and this was too complex to manage using spreadsheets.

Additionally, the sales teams at Flip had very little visibility into their commissions and had a lot of queries as spreadsheets were frequently prone to errors.

Recognizing the company's ambitions to penetrate new markets, Roman Nowara, Head of Sales Operations at Flip, wanted a commission software that would not only help them scale efficiently but also drive sales performance by offering real-time payout visibility to its sellers.

Roman Nowara Profile Image
“We needed a robust system to manage compensation plans efficiently. Everstage has helped with the digital transformation of our commission processes, addressing the challenges we faced during our manual approach.”
Roman Nowara
Head of Sales Operations

The Solution

Flip chooses Everstage to automate commission processing and provide complete visibility of their earnings to its sellers.

An intuitive commission platform

While evaluating commission software options, Flip recognized Everstage as a dynamic platform that could streamline commission administration and serve as a single source of truth for its sales teams. 

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“We initially evaluated more than 10 options, but Everstage stood out as the friendliest and easiest to use. It perfectly integrated with our CRM and was honestly the  right fit for our needs.”
Violetka Kaladjiska
Senior Compensation Manager

Seamless integration with Hubspot

Previously, the team grappled with the time-consuming task of manually inputting and reconciling sales figures from its CRM to its commission data spreadsheets.

With Everstage’s seamless integration with Hubspot, Flip administers commissions accurately using reliable and up-to-date data without the burden of continuous manual updates.

Roman Nowara Profile Image
“Everstage's capacity to effortlessly integrate with diverse CRM tools, including Salesforce and HubSpot, provides us with the much-needed flexibility for transitions and scaling.”
Roman Nowara
Head of Sales Operations

Go-live within 4 weeks

A dedicated team of solutions engineers and customer success managers from Everstage were constantly in touch with Team Flip to ensure they were able to go live within four weeks since Flip’s onboarding.

Team Flip appreciated the collaborative consultation provided by Everstage's seasoned team in sales compensation to help make their commission process more agile. Nowara noted that Everstage was simple enough for them to self-manage and build commission plans with confidence. 

Flip's commission plan builder

The Result

Flip spends less time on commission busywork and is able to provide more clarity for its sellers throughout the sales cycle.

Significant time-savings with Everstage

Flip has been able to ensure error-free commission calculations and focus on the strategic initiatives. Violetka Kaladjiska, Flip’s Sales Operation Manager, acknowledges that she now only needs to validate the data and the system takes it from there. 

Violetka Kaladjiska Profile Image
“I only need to validate the commission data and Everstage takes it from there. So it has saved a lot of valuable time for us.
Violetka Kaladjiska
Senior Compensation Manager

Improved commission visibility

Everstage’s Single Sign-On feature has simplified the login process for the reps who now have real-time visibility into their performance and payouts.  The frequency of inquiries from Flip’s sellers has also decreased drastically. 

Roman Nowara Profile Image
“Everstage has brought clarity and accuracy to our commission processes. Now, our sellers have an official and reliable source for their commission data, making their work smoother and more efficient.”
Roman Nowara
Head of Sales Operations

Flip's dashboard

A reliable growth partner

Team Flip looks at Everstage not just as a commission management partner but a growth ally that would support the company as it embarks on its next phase of growth.

Roman Nowara Profile Image
Everstage has a crucial role to play in helping Flip become enterprise-ready. By going beyond spreadsheets and employing professional tools like Everstage, we've ensured that as we rapidly expand, our sales team can accurately track earnings, close more deals and drive the right business results.”
Roman Nowara
Head of Sales Operations

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