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10 Podcasts SDRs and AEs Should Listen to for Practical Advice

Samra Taban
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Being a kickass sales pro is a lot more than being a people’s person, nailing the art of persuasion and being a natural at selling. The greatest sales people out there spend an unbelievable amount of time skillfully balancing between learning new methods and brushing up on their basics. 

And, considering how busy the sales folk can be, written or visual communication might not always offer them as much value as would be expected. So, here's a list of 10 cracking sales podcasts that will help you balance between the new and the basics!

1. The Salesman Podcast

With this smasher hosted by Will Barron, you can rest assured that there will ALWAYS be relevant content here to tune into. As an Apple Award winning show, it is entirely focused on improving the skills of individual sales people. How to find buyers, win business deals and make the most of your pipeline: it’s all in here. 

Fun fact: This show has featured NASA astronauts, F1 drivers, Olympic athletes, UFC fighters, world leading neuroscientists and the world’s top sales experts as guests. - Salesman Podcast, This Week In Sales, Selling Made Simple  And More... – Podcast – Podtail

2. Sales Gravy

Want to take your sales career to the next level? Be sure to listen to Jeb Blount giving you some solid advice on strategies to improve sales, negotiation and grow your personal brand. It’s a perfect podcast if you need motivation to make it in sales. The episodes range between 5-10 minute shorts and in-depth episodes. The point is, you can always listen to them no matter how swamped your day is.

3. Make It Happen Mondays

John Barrows, a leading B2B sales trainer and founder of JBarrows Consulting brings to you a variety of B2B sales topics, from personal branding and career advice to the intricate nuances of daily selling. You can catch new episodes every week, as usual, packed with priceless sales tips and little anecdotes coming from his experience in sales.

134: New Technology Powering Prospecting Teams With Shruti Kapoor | JBarrows

4. Conversations with Women in Sales

This podcast started by author, keynote speaker, and social media strategist, Barb Giamanco focuses on women in sales roles. Now hosted by Lori Richardson, it shares stories of women in sales to other women on topics like social selling, career advancement, workplace diversity and leadership. But take note, it’s not only for women. The episodes have garnered a lot of listenership from men as well.

Conversations with Women in Sales | Podcast on Spotify

5. The Other Side of Sales

Hosted by Ashleigh Early, this podcast came into being when the voices of the diverse sales people dominating their fields were not represented enough. It is a sales podcast for the rest of us in B2B sales. The podcast also features other co-hosts, Sue Singh, Ryan Woodard, Francisco Oller Garcia and Sunanda Nair to broaden the range of perspectives and help spread the word about their mission. The Other Side of Sales is on a journey to solve the big problems in this profession through data, constructive discourse and active listening. 

The Other Side of Sales

6. Sell or Die

Author of 'The Little Red Book of Selling' and 15 other best-selling books, Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gitomer, sales expert and author of ‘Sales in a New York Minute’ team up in this podcast for sales professionals to talk about the art and science of selling more at full price, having an unlimited stream of referrals and earning loyalty. Every episode gives you easy-to-implement solutions in sales, business, marketing and personal development.

Sell or Die | Podcast on Spotify

7. Sales Success Stories

Scott Ingram interviews top-notch sales performers to know more about their favorite sales books, habits, routines, strategies and tips. This podcast is for everyone interested in B2B, enterprise or SaaS sales as well as those selling professional services or in general interested in revenue growth.

Sales Success Stories Podcast - Hear the secrets of world class sales  professionals

8. Sales Enablement with Andy Paul

Formerly known as Accelerate, Sales Enablement hosted by Andy Paul has bagged the title of "the world's most candid, inspiring sales podcast". Andy brings in people with very real experience in the field. From the Co-Founder of Pipedrive Timo Rein to Wall Street Journal bestselling author Eric Barker, Paul invites the biggest names in the sales community with an abundance of experience to talk about exceeding customer expectations, earning more sales, and creating your dream sales career.

Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul – Podcast – Podtail

9. The Sales Evangelist

As the name implies, this podcast is hosted by Sales Evangelist Donald Kelly who is also a well-known public speaker and consultant. He interviews top sales, marketing and business experts and offers practical advice for taking your sales game to the next level. Tune in to get actionable insights on high-level sales issues as well as basics like the sales process or bringing a new product to market.

The Sales Evangelist Podcast | Free Listening on Podbean App

10. The Sales Hacker Podcast

Hosted by Sam Jacobs, the Sales Hacker Podcast is out twice a week in two formats: “Friday Fundamentals”, a short episode and an in-depth interview with the best folks in sales. The podcast gives you the option of listening to short episodes when you’re in a time crunch as well as longer ones for when you want to deep dive into certain topics. Both formats offer absolute gems for those in B2B sales.

The Sales Hacker Podcast

To grow and progress aggressively in your sales career, these podcasts have bundles of tips to offer you. Make sure to tune in to at least one of these podcasts episodes everyday to keep your head in the sales game! 

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