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From quota attainments to commission insights, track all your teams' performance metrics in real-time.
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Track metrics
Customized dashboards by role
SSOT for performance metrics
Advanced charts for reporting

Track metrics in real-time

Executive dashboards track the performance of your customer-facing teams in real-time to help you and the management
stay on top of your sales commissions.

Customized dashboards by role

Dashboards are not restricted to admins alone. Managers and reps get their own custom dashboards with appropriate visibility to align and drive faster decisions.

SSOT for
performance metrics

Everstage becomes the single source of truth for quarterly business reviews, annual planning, and performance appraisal discussions.

Advanced charts for reporting

Compare reps across various filters. Create histogram views of quota attainments. Everstage's advanced charts help visualize metrics better to derive insights faster.

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