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10 People to Follow on LinkedIn for Practical RevOps Advice

Adithya Krishnaswamy
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You will nod your head in agreement when I say that RevOps people wake up rather chirpy in the morning, go about their AM routine, get to work and have a million different problems fired at them before they’ve even had their morning cup of coffee. And, there’s an element of surprise all the time. You can never get used to the work in RevOps. Every day is so starkly different from the previous. 

And, there’s no guidebook out there that could solve every Ops issue we come across. This is why we need trailblazers who solve problems and share their experiences and learnings with people on the same boat. 

As cliche as it sounds, the learning never stops and we need to sponge a lot of insights, data and meaningful advice everyday to win RevOps. I am an absolute sucker for actionable content and when I am doing my reading, that’s exactly what I am looking for. 

Whenever I’ve checked out the people listed in my RevOps 12, I’ve never been disappointed. Hit that follow button on each one of them and subscribe to sky-high quality RevOps knowledge.

1. Jeff Ignacio: Sales Operations Lead (West), AWS

We’re all kind of used to the fact that Jeff makes it to every list of RevOps leaders ever made on the Internet. Just a few scrolls down his LinkedIn page will validate why he’s on all roundups of prolific pros in operations. He’s the right person to check out if you’re interested in tactical advice and strategies on building easily scalable revenue teams and bringing GTM teams on the same page.

2. Rosalyn Santa Elena: Vice President, Global Revenue Operations, Neo4j 

Now, where do I begin? Rosalyn wears many hats and you can tell that whatever she puts out there comes from a place of experience and understanding of the subject in hand. Besides being a GTM and Ops advisor for high-growth startups, you’ll find Rosalyn active in several Revenue Operations communities and platforms. She’s also the host of The Revenue Engine Podcast. 

3. Erol Toker: Founder and CEO, 

Making sense out of messy data is one of the very important things RevOps does. Erol is the Founder and CEO of, a platform that eliminates manual rep data entry. Sales is ever-changing and its very definition is evolving at an unbelievable speed. Toker’s posts are like little pods enabled with high-tech navigation in an undiscovered sales territory. 

4. Jonathan Morgan: Director of Sales and Marketing Ops & Head of Marketing, AchieveIt

Jonathan brings to you insightful content on the value of RevOps and why it’s a great function to be a part of. Watch out for his tactical Tuesday posts. You’ll learn loads of good stuff from him on creating sustainable processes and improving scalability. He’s not just the Head of RevOps at AchieveIt but also the Head of Marketing (I know, right?).

5. Asia Corbett: Head of Revenue and Community Operations, RevGenius 

Asia is a well-known person in the RevOps community and why not? She offers excellent advice that comes in handy. She says, “My why? It's to empower and inspire y'all. And of course spread the good word of operations.” And rightfully so, you’ll see her talking about supporting each other in the revenue journey and establishing values for the Ops folks. 

6. Jordan Henderson: Director of Revenue Operations, ringDNA 

Whether you’re just starting off in a RevOps role or you’ve kind of been there, done that, Jordan has something valuable to offer. He talks on a bunch of stuff including but not limited to sales enablement, revenue operations, sales operations and marketing operations. Jordan’s content is crazy actionable and seamlessly aligns all the information you have into a roadmap to success. This only goes to show that the Director of RevOps at ringDNA is a true RevOps leader whose experience translates to learning for the rest of us. 

7. Matthew Volm: Co-Founder and CEO, Funnel IQ

Who’s a better person to learn from about revenue than the CEO and Founder of a ‘command center for revenue teams’ aka FunnelIQ? Matthew is a household name in the RevOps circles and his community RevOps Co-op is one of the very few groups putting this incredible function on the map. If you’re curious about how RevOps can make revenue processes even better, you should definitely check out his posts. 

8. Jacki Leahy: Vice President of Operations, Eustace Consulting 

Why educate with words when you can use 240 × 240 px images to create relatable and hilarious posts? Get your daily dose of meme content right on Jacki Leahy’s LinkedIn. She posts super fun memes on RevOps and Salesforce that will have you in splits. 
Petition to have more people making memes like Jacki.

9. Siva Rajamani: Co-Founder & CEO, Everstage

Siva was the director and head of revenue operations at Freshworks, and oversaw a period of tremendous growth. Since then, Siva founded Everstage, a platform that automates commission processes end-to-end, and has been ranked as a leader on G2 in three consecutive reports, barely two years in. Siva is a true RevOps leader who’s done it all, and his insights and nuggets of wisdom are sure to be of great help to anyone who is trying to make a name for themselves in the field.

10. Leore Spira: Head of Revenue Operations, Buildots 

Head of RevOps at Buildots, Leore has over a decade of experience in revenue growth, business development and operations. She’s an expert in implementing strategies that catalyse operational efficiency, productivity and profitability. On her LinkedIn, she tackles a variety of super important RevOps topics including GTM strategy, revenue growth and customer journey. 

At Everstage, we’re a bunch of RevOps people building a product that solves an Ops problem. We’ve been knee-deep in the Ops waters and faced a bunch of issues ourselves but we learn something new everyday from these amazing people featured in this article and I am sure you will too. 

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