RevOps Guide to Building a Customer-Centric Sales Tech Stack

Wondering what’s the best way to streamline your sales tech stack?

In our guide, we provide solutions to all of your sales tech stack related problems by introducing a customer-first strategy. You’ll get access to the following,

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Tech scoping process
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RFP template for scoping
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Sample customer journey map for a sales tech stack
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Empower your revenue teams with a robust tech stack!

Having the right tools in your sales technology stack is the best way to support your reps to do their work at ease. However, determining what you need in your stack is often a cumbersome process.

As RevOps manage the company’s sales tech stack, most of their time is spent on discovery calls with vendors to arrive at a best tech solution for teams. But, this becomes tedious when there’s no proper workflow to streamline requests and buy-ins from multiple stakeholders.

Hence, it’s high time to future-proof your sales tech by applying the outside-in approach. The customer-centric approach helps you optimize tech scoping and defines the process to analyze tech purchase requests from various GTM teams.

This guide covers all the challenges RevOps undergo today with sales tech stack management and how to solve for them with a customer-first strategy.

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