The RevOps Battle: How to move from a Supporting to Strategic Role?

Are you DONE with tactical work? Let ’s think strategy!
Download this guide to move away from recurring busy work and put your mind to good, strategic use. We cover the following:
Reasons why RevOps is stuck in tactical roles
RevOps stereotyped into operational challenges
Need for RevOps to be more strategic
Practical ways to become a strategic partner

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RevOps battle

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Time to step away from transactional, recurring busy work! 

Yes, we said what we said. It is a battle. If you’ve been a RevOps person for long enough, you’d understand the frustrations of always playing a reactive and transactional role in the business.

Despite knowing the ground reality of the business and being cross-functional (constant association with other functions like sales, marketing, finance etc), RevOps ends up focusing more on Operations and less on Revenue. There’s a devastating amount of lost potential and not to mention, an overlooked hit on revenue as well.

RevOps can offer monumental value by helping leaders get in touch with reality and make reps understand the company’s goals and vision.

This RevOps battle guide covers all the challenges RevOps faces today as a function, how to solve for them and shift from playing a supporting role to being a strategic player.

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