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Don’t just make a compensation plan to incentivize. Make a plan that vigorously motivates your GTM teams AND improves your company ’s bottomline. Use our master guide to create a foolproof comp plan for the following roles:

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Account Executives
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Customer Success Executives
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Sales Development Representatives
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Presales Engineers

Build effective SaaS commissions plans minus the unnecessary complexity.

On the frontlines, your customer-facing teams fight through several unfamiliar challenges to close deals and contribute towards revenue growth. This calls for some well-defined and considerate compensation, don’t you think?

Moreover, if you want to attract and retain star sellers in your organisation, you ought to gear up with a competitive compensation plan generous enough to reward hard workers as well as be significantly profitable as a business.

While your commission plans should be as simple as possible, making them isn’t as simple. When you’re trying to come up with an effective plan, you are likely to encounter two problems:

  • It becomes too complex for reps to understand and effectively use it.
  • It is made too simple that the GTM teams think there isn’t anything to get out of it other than straightforward goals.

So, how on earth does one make the perfect commission plan? While some might argue that it doesn’t exist, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to attempt reaching near-perfection. Therefore, in our unbelievably comprehensive compensation plan guide, we’ll look into various GTM roles and how to plan fair and attractive compensation for each one of them, in a holistic yet simple fashion.

Reward your star performers, the right way. Compensate with clarity AND context. Download your copy TODAY.

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