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10 Must-Read Blog Posts for RevOps Professionals - June Edition

Siva Subramanian
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Wondering how June was in the RevOps circle? We’ve got you covered. Here's a list of some of our favourite RevOps blog posts from last month. Read on! 

1. The shift to real-time enablement

Sales is a tough nut to crack. Add in tens of sales, marketing, and revenue tools to your tech stack, and your sales teams are drowning in information. Learn how real-time enablement can make selling a breeze, and how RevOps can contribute to this. 

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2. All About SaaS Revenue Recognition With ASC 606

If you’re in a traditional business model, the revenue recognition process is pretty straightforward. Your customer makes a one-time payment for your product or service, and then you provide the necessary product or fulfill the service at a specific date or time frame. But, in SaaS, revenue recognition is tricky. 

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3. What Is Revenue Leak, and How Can You Prevent It?

Most businesses struggle with revenue leak, whether through blunders, lack of oversight, or simple inaction. Nearly half (45%) of business leaders feel revenue leak is a systemic problem for their companies, according to a 2020 survey by Boston Consulting Group. There are actions you can take to reduce and prevent revenue leak. You can stem the tide of lost revenue by rethinking outdated models to implement new processes.

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4. The 4 Skills of RevOps Roadmapping

Roadmapping is a key ingredient for RevOps success. A strategic operational roadmap not only drives alignment across your organization, but it also helps keep teams accountable and focused on the work that’s going to have the biggest impact on revenue. Still, many teams find it difficult to make roadmapping a sustainable part of their operations culture. 

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5. Elevate your RevOps Team and Strategy by Removing Common Roadblocks

The backbone of your RevOps engine is the people, processes, and technology pillars that work tightly together. In a perfect world, these three interconnected components are fully aligned, streamlined, and run without hiccups. However, this is frequently not the case.

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6. All About ASC 606 Implementation in Sales Commission Plans

As early adopters of ASC 606 say, it takes significant time and expertise to fully transition into the new revenue recognition standard. So if you’re still hustling to get your sales commission plans aligned with ASC 606 (IFRS 15), don’t stress yourself out. We've summarized the important steps involved in implementing ASC 606 to ensure your sales commission plans are audit-ready.

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7. RevOps is the key to enabling efficient growth in a down market

For many RevOps professionals, especially the younger generation who haven’t seen a real down market, the only world they know is one with ample budget and the pressure to grow top line revenue at all cost. This led to many revenue teams operating in a “more, more, more” mode these last five years: more channels, more technologies, and more people. 

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8. 3 Solutions to Automate Your RevOps Process

Revenue operations (RevOps) teams are overwhelmed with multiple projects on the go and constantly feeling underwater. You’ve probably seen this often in your day-to-day role. This begs the question: How can your team focus on innovative, revenue-impacting projects that move the needle while keeping the engine running?

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9. How Can RevOps Leaders Successfully Build and Manage Go-to-Market Processes

The process is the foundation of everything, and revenue operation leaders need to know all about operational processes. Get to know how RevOps leaders can develop a go-to-market process.

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10. Sales Operations Vs. Revenue Operations: What's the Difference?

Sales Operations is a vital part of any business, keeping the engine of your company — your sales organization — running smoothly and efficiently into the future. Riding along with the automotive metaphor, we all understand that there are multiple systems and components in a car that can impact the engine’s performance and that of the entire vehicle. Sometimes, we need to get out from under the hood, take a step back, and survey the whole machine. That’s where Revenue Operations comes in.

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