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How to Recharge Yourself for the Second Quarter

Siva Subramanian
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Whether you’ve had a great Q1 or one to forget, you can loosen up now that the quarter is finally over. The last few days would’ve been the most happening ones if you’re in Sales. The pressure that comes with attaining quotas is incredible, and you would have gone for that ONE FINAL PUSH to close any and every deal possible. 

Now that all the frenzy has come to an end, and Q2 is beginning, take time to step back and recharge your batteries to set the tone for the quarter, and the rest of the year. Here’s what we’ve put together for you on how to go about doing it: 

Have a Mental Reset

Let’s face it. While there are a lot of perks, selling isn’t easy. When you’ve put in the hard yards and yet couldn’t reach your target, it does pull your spirit down. Thinking of starting from scratch for the new quarter can be daunting. But worry not, there’s hardly a salesperson who wouldn’t have gone through all this. Hit the ‘RESET’ button before you get going in the next quarter. You’ve little control over what has happened in the previous quarter. Has a prospect ghosted you? Fine but don’t cling to that deal. There are more new opportunities waiting for you ahead!

Have a Mental Reset

Address What Didn’t Work 

After taking a critical look at your previous quarter’s performance, you’d know the areas that need to be worked on. Now put a plan in place to work towards the shortcomings so that you get back on track. Changes have to be done, and it can get difficult to adapt to them. But by keeping the bigger picture in mind, and having an understanding of what you aren’t doing right, it only gets easier to attain your targets.

Address What didn't work

Be Optimistic 

Even if your previous quarter didn’t go as per your plan, it’s better to not get bogged down by the unfavorable results, and continue to remain optimistic. Remember, reaching your financial goal is a marathon and not a sprint. 

Take smaller steps for the quarter, and focus on long-term thinking. If needed, tweak your quarterly plans such that you are in a better position by the end of the year. A knee-jerk reaction at this stage would only create problems down the road for you.

Be Optimistic

Start Slow 

While you’d want to hit the ground running from the word go in Q2, it isn’t really a great idea to do so. You would’ve seen a few deals slip through your hands, and a few working your way. Slow down and revisit your Q1, analyze what has actually worked for you, and what hasn’t. Thoroughly study the previous quarter’s performance and take the learnings into Q2, and avoid going all out on chasing deals from the very first day!

Start slow in Q2
Don't rush, Q2 has just begun.

For the Sales Leaders

Establish Accountability

At the end of the day, there are sales numbers to be met as a business. This is where creating a culture of accountability becomes crucial. This makes it clear to your reps what exactly they’ve to do for a particular time period, and ensures that your team is well-aligned with the overall goal of the organization. Also, set secondary process-driven targets like pipeline generation, quality of conversations, etc., for your reps to measure in case they fall short of their primary goal of closing deals.  

Celebrate the Small & Big Wins

Has a new rep closed his first deal? Has there been high-quality customer interaction? Great, it’s time to ring the sales gong! It isn’t that you’ve to go gaga only for a six or seven-figure deal closure. It doesn’t happen often either. Make it a point to celebrate all the little wins of your reps so that they are as motivated as ever to do their job. Do not let these little moments slip through. 

Final Thoughts

Q2 is undoubtedly a crucial period in your sales cycle. Before carrying out all your plans for the quarter,  take the time to appreciate yourself for all the hard work you’ve done in Q1, and to sharpen your sales strategy. Good luck for a successful Q2, sales folks!

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