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12 RevOps Podcasts You Should Be Listening To RIGHT NOW!

Adithya Krishnaswamy
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It’s time for podcasts to shine!

And, why not? Podcasts are super convenient. Listen to it anytime, anywhere! Play it in your living room or on-the-go, podcasts effortlessly slide into your routine AND provide high-value information. 

A while ago, we wrote a pop on RevOps Newsletters that you should subscribe to, and you guys loved it! So, here’s one for the RevOps peeps who like to listen more, read less. Our killer twelve: 

1. RevAmp by

Revenue growth on your mind? RevAmp needs to be on your playlist. Learn all about revenue amplification from leading RevOps experts amping it up with insights on the strategies, tools, process, analysis, and alignment that they use for revenue growth.

Listen here.

2. The Sales Lift

Like to hear from those who scaled their business before you? Designed for RevOps leaders, listen to Tyler Lindley interview founders, executives and managers on how they created a repeatable sales system. Get actionable advice to rev up your revenue engine. If any of the following terms resonate with you, this is tailor-made for you: marketing, sales alignment, sales training & onboarding, sales processes, sales & customer success alignment, and sales tools & technology 

Listen here.

3. Revenue Innovators by Sales Hacker 

Sales Hacker is no unknown name. It is a leading community for sales professionals. They’ve extended their expertise to podcasts and Revenue Innovators has just landed in the RevOps space. They talk with revenue leaders emphasizing on buyer-centricity, sales technologies, and human behavioral activity data to influence their business decisions.

Listen here.

4. ShOPS Talk by Wizard of Ops, Sonar and Salesforce

Besides the super witty name, what’s unique about ShOPS Talk is that it’s a Zoom series about aficionados in operations. Hosted collectively by Wizards of Ops, Sonar, and Salesforce, you’ll see super captivating discussions with a panel of experts that’ll keep you hooked one episode after the other.

P.S.: You can be part of the dialogue by sending in your questions and the panel will take it up!

Listen here.

5. Sales Tech Podcast

Looking for more complex strategies that deep-dive into actionable takeaways rather than floating on the surface? This one's the good stuff! Exceptionally hosted by Thom Singer, get all the juice on sales operations, revenue operations, and sales technology. These insights can be easily implemented in your company as well. It’s as practical as it can get. 

Listen here.

6. Operations With Sean Lane

Brought to you by the Director of Operations at Drift, Operations with Sean Lane podcast features the guys from big names like Salesforce and Amazon to see what it truly takes to scale through hypergrowth. The goal is to understand the right way to grow with profitability and increased revenue long term. 

Listen here.

7. The Revenue Insights Podcast by Ebsta

With Toni Heavey and Lee Bierton taking over the mic, the Revenue Insights Podcast is your one stop shop to unlock a wealth of knowledge shared by the greatest minds in RevOps. Tune in to the exclusive interviews on strategy, thought-leadership and industry secrets to take your understanding of RevOps to the next level.

Listen here.

8. The first 100 days by UserGem

UserGem brings to us, like the name suggests, an absolute gem housing unscripted conversations with revenue practitioners on how to successfully plan and implement new initiatives or transitions within 100 days.

Listen here.

9. Beyond Quota by ScratchPad

This is a fun one! Hosted by Pouyan Salehi and Ross Pomerantz (Corporate Bro), Beyond Quota is also a video series that features sales stories by guests who started their careers in sales and have over their careers built companies, products, content and more. 

Listen here.

10. Revenue Architect by Sales IQ

More into the GTM market? In this podcast you’ll hear Jeff Ignacio talk to founders, executives, middle management, and RevOps leaders on their journey towards success. It’s a helpful guide for those starting or scaling a business as well as a great source of knowledge on building a world-class revenue function.

Listen here.

11. The Revenue Engine by Sales IQ

Another goldmine from Sales IQ, we have Rosalyn Santa Elena in conversation with  founders, CEOs and Revenue Leaders from hyper-growth companies. They talk about diverse topics including but not limited to growth strategies and important learnings along the way to growing a company. This one’s the game for inspirational stories from revenue generators, innovators and disruptors plus revenue leaders in sales, marketing and your favourite: operations!

Listen here.

12. The OpsStars Podcast by LeanData

You simply cannot have a list about Ops-related podcasts and not mention OpsStars. You have professionals from marketing operations, sales operations and customer success operations come together to share ideas, learn best practices, and discover innovative new strategies. The conversations are very real with Ops experts who are at the top of their game. An excellent show to create a great buyer experience, drive growth for your organization and ultimately succeed in your career.

Listen here.

Be sure to keep a close ‘ear’ on these guys. They drop absolute dynamites for content and you’re gonna want to know when their episodes are out! 
Move over, every other channel that ever existed. 

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