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5 Free Newsletters Everyone in Revops Should Subscribe To

Adithya Krishnaswamy
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One day, we were all casually browsing through our social profiles and checking our work emails, you know, like we usually do and then bam! Email newsletters. What a comeback this passive distribution channel has made, and how! 

Newsletters are a convenient way to consume content and it proves beneficial in the business side of things too, with higher accessibility to the target audience and lower acquisition costs.

But, here’s the catch with everything trending. There’s too much of it. Everyone’s starting a newsletter and you lose track of all your newsletter subscriptions. In fact, you don’t even know what’s good anymore. 

No worries, we’ve curated a mini-list of massively useful newsletters to follow whose value-props go through the roof. 

Being an Ops person invariably means not having enough time to do anything else besides “Ops work”. But, there are a few very gracious people who take time off their busy Ops lives to do these newsletters. And, they’re definitely worth every second of your time. 

1. Revops Co-Op Weekly Newsletter

Being in RevOps is synonymous with being a part of the RevOps Co-op community. Every week you’ll receive real gems: a variety of content like posts, tweets and articles tackling various topics in RevOps. And, they absolutely know what they’re talking about. Sign-up here.

2. Revops Daily 

RevOps Daily drops the best content out there around sales, operations, and RevOps in your inbox everyday, not just from their publication but also around the web. Yep, that’s right. They dig out quality content from the internet so that you don’t have to rummage through pages and pages of mediocre content. Here’s where you sign-up.

3. The Clari Blog

Revenue operations, forecasting and sales execution: if these three topics strike a chord with you, we have a newsletter that’s tailored FOR YOU. Clari, a revenue operations platform gives you an abundance of insights to improve efficiency, predictability, and growth in your revenue process. Sign-up this way.

4. Everstage Newsletter

The Everstage newsletter is a weekly affair that brings you the best of incentive compensation, revenue operations and sales organisation. 

You’ll find interesting reads and guides reaching your inbox every Thursday and you could say, it’s a little glimpse of your very-soonly approaching weekend! Drop in your email address here.

5. Ebsta blog

Ebsta is a revenue intelligence platform that keeps you up to date with all the articles they publish on sales, marketing and customer success. There's a whole lot of variety to browse through and the quality is definitely worth a sign-up, which you’ll find in this link.

Well, there you have it. You’ve got your RevOps literature cut out for you. Subscribe to them TODAY!

Acknowledgements : Thanks to Samra Taban for editing the blog. Thanks to Aravindh Natesan for the designs.

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