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10 Must-Read Blog Posts for RevOps Professionals - September Edition

Adithya Krishnaswamy
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This thing’s turning out to be quite the ritual, no? You see me sending out this roundup of blogs by RevOps experts every month because the content I set out scavenging for never disappoints! 

So, without further chit-chat, here’s September’s bonanza of actionable insights and learning from the RevOps pros. 

1. De-Risking Your RevOps Dependencies as an Operations Leader

Our businesses have people playing very specific roles critical to the smooth functioning of RevOps. With the fast growth of teams in every organisation and new RevOps roles spouting by the minute, it’s easy to lose focus, digress, and make classic Ops mistakes.  People can leave for better career and growth opportunities. De-risking dependencies on people eliminates the ‘what if they leave?’ thought bubble that’s constantly hovering over your head. 

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2. Beyond KPIs: The Art of Storytelling With Data

While presenting data to your executive team, it isn’t enough to show them patterns and proof that there was an issue. They aren’t familiar enough with the day-to-day stats to know why the charts on the screen should matter to them. You have to write up on your findings and walk your leadership teams through the data with a compelling narrative. Data is absorbed better with an interesting backstory. But there’s groundwork that needs to happen first.

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3. Headcount Planning: Building a Model

This is the second blog post in the ‘Headcount Planning’ series talking about everything you need to know about building a model, first one covering revenue goals. Look at a few different ways to build out planning models that start with known metrics and models that go from the revenue goal back down.

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4. 12 People to Follow on LinkedIn for Practical RevOps Advice

There’s no guidebook out there that could solve every Ops issue we come across. This is why we need trailblazers who solve problems and share their experiences and learnings with people on the same boat. Follow these 12 people for top-quality advice on RevOps.

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5. 3 Questions to Ask When Building a CSM Comp Structure

​​We’re in the business of making money for our companies, customers and ultimately for ourselves. As leaders, designing a thoughtful compensation plan for our teams can mean everything in attracting and retaining top talent. So, how do you start to build your first CSM comp plan or what should you think about when you need to redevelop an existing plan? Find out what questions revenue leaders should ask themselves as they’re designing a fit for purpose plan based on monetary payouts.

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6. The Essential Guide to How Revenue Operations Empowers a B2B Business

When asked how they can access the data they need to run their business, several sales executives explained that they depend on teams across the company - data analysts, data engineers, business intelligence teams and more. Nearly every sales leader called out their Revenue Operations team as the most dependable source of data intelligence.

To learn more about the role of the RevOps team, over 50 sales executives, sales professionals, and revenue operations specialists were interviewed at companies that are engaged in B2B sales. 

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7. How to Use Automation to Win RevOps?

The RevOps role is to strategically plan out and optimize processes to make their revenue strategy more powerful and of course, successful. However, instead of doing that, they are often caught up with trying to make sense out of messed up data for hours. The solution to this utter waste of precious Ops time is quite straightforward. Any task you repeat, you automate.

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8. Sales Velocity: 8 Tips to Raise Conversions by 4.7% (+More)

Sales velocity measures how quickly your leads are moving through the pipeline, from opportunity to close. Tracking sales velocity is important to boost sales. This article summarizes tips given by SaaS startups on improving sales velocity.

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9. What is Sales Commission Management?

Effectively running sales commissions is absolutely important for your business. Sales commission management software helps you manage and track the incentives sales reps earn by selling your product. It ensures that your reps are getting compensated accurately for their deals. Additionally, it avoids a lot of hassle between Ops and sales teams regarding their payouts.

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10. Why (and How) We Started Asking Our AEs to Source 30% of Pipeline

AEs still rely on their SDR colleagues to generate around 80% of their outbound pipeline. And in normal years, that might work just fine. But when a pandemic heaves your pipeline off a cliff, you’ve got to think outside the box. Instead of pushing on SDRs to prospect harder, here's a new approach: empowering AEs to get involved earlier. Instead of waiting for meetings to roll in from their SDRs and marketing, AEs can start helping with prospecting and outreach.

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