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9 Must Read Blogs for RevOps Professionals - April Edition

Siva Subramanian
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April gave us a lot to talk about in the world of RevOps. We've narrowed down 10 of the most engaging reads any RevOps enthusiast shouldn't miss. Here you go!

1. RevOps and the Art of Saying No

Sometimes it feels like half of the job of Revenue Operations is telling others no or not now. Many times that happens when leaders across the revenue organization want to spend more than they have in the budget. Here are four principles on saying no that all RevOps leaders can use. 

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2. The Deal Desk: How to Build One & Maximize Sales Efficiency  

The B2B sales market has become more and more complex, and competitive, and closing an enterprise deal has become a colossal task today. You get involved in lengthy negotiations with the stakeholders at the same time, chasing them for approvals and sign-offs, only to see the deal not getting closed. Had there been a process to solve the complexity, such mishaps could’ve been avoided in the first place.

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3. How to Build a Buyer Journey That Delights Customers & Aligns your Team

Revenue teams work each day to delight and entice buyers. In the current attention marketplace, it's getting harder and harder to connect with them at the right time, let alone close a sale. That means having a thoughtful and well documented buyer journey is more vital than ever.

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4. 5 Qualities of a Stellar Revenue Operations Leader

RevOps connects the dots between people, processes, and technology for your revenue-generating teams. This blog elaborates the key qualities a RevOps leader must possess to succeed in this role.

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5. Creativity Can Bring Fun & Flexibility to RevOps

Creativity takes all kinds of forms and RevOps people are definitely creative. Jen Bergren, Senior Operations Manager with Remotish shares what a typical day might look like for her and how that links with other aspects of her life.

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6. RevOps Worksheets to Fine-Tune Your Cadence

Cadences and communication are the driving forces that connect day-to-day actions to your company’s long-term vision of success. In other words, you need a cadence that you plan and communicate around in order to make progress toward your strategic revenue goals.

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7. 5 Tips for Ops Pros Supporting Hyper-growth Companies

Hypergrowth sounds exciting -- unless you are an operations professional inside of an organization that lacks a strategy for what needs to change as (or ideally before) you enter this phase. This blog provides 5 strategic tips ops pros can use today to help their company avoid the common pitfalls of hypergrowth.

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8. Revenue Operations Team Structure: How to Align the Right People

One of the key value drivers enticing teams to adopt revenue operations (RevOps) is alignment across siloed teams like sales, marketing, product, and customer success. But that alignment doesn’t happen instantly. This RevOps team structure includes tips on aligning your current colleagues and hiring to fill key roles.

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9. Using RevOps to Connect Customer Success to the Bottom Line

With RevOps becoming the go-to route to boost operational performance, Customer Success plays a starring role in optimizing the customer lifecycle to increase revenue potential. In this Q&A recap of a Churnzero webinar, learn how you can use RevOps to connect Customer Success to your bottom line and streamline customer operations at your company. 

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