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10 Must-Read Blog Posts for RevOps Professionals- June Edition

Adithya Krishnaswamy
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Honk, honk! Q3 is here and we’re all set to motor in top speed in the new quarter, aren’t we? As I was setting up for the new Q, minding my own business and doing some mandatory reading on a bunch of RevOps topics (habits, you see), I came across a wealth of information on a few RevOps publications that I thought definitely needed a HUGE shoutout.

Why, you ask?

The content on there makes sense, it’s no-bull and the take-away is unbelievably valuable. Take it from me (RevOps guy here, hello!), if you are in RevOps, these 10 blogs NEED to be on your reading list, if not on your to-dos today. 

Let’s start digging where you’ll certainly hit gold:

1. What Does Alignment Really Mean Anyway and How Can RevOps Help?

We’ve heard this word thrown around quite a few times along with the usual heavy-weight buzz words like ROI, Revenue Generation, ToFu, LTV and MOPs. But, are we clear on what it actually means? I am not too sure. Let’s figure out what it is and how to get alignment with RevOps in this blog by Asia Corbett at RevGenius.

2. How to Move from a Supporting to Strategic Role as RevOps?

This dialogue is super important. We need to talk more about why and how RevOps should also find itself in a place where we can take a call on the strategic side of things. I mean, we have the necessary end-to-end context and insights across all functions, don’t you think? Here’s my take on how the RevOps clan can get a seat on that table.

3. Influencing Without Authority

We folks at RevOps are often handed directives that include motivating people to practise certain behaviors and get on board with programs. But, are we given the title of authority? Not really. Then, how do we drive change? More often than not, it’s not what we know but who we know. If you intend to climb the leadership ladder without networking and building friendships, it’s not going to happen. 

Influencing people without authority is a skill every Ops pro must have. And, it has a lot to do with psychology, likability, and getting buy-in from the right executives. Precious pointers on networking by RevOps Co-op here.

4. 4 Tricky AE Comp Policies to Define ASAP

Yet another zinger from RevOps Co-op. Of the million issues Ops resolves, one is dealing with reps persuading them on getting compensated for deals based on their expectations and reasoning. It’s tough not to get pressurised by those whose bread and butter depends on skillful persuasion. If you want to ditch the hassle and have something more concrete in place to tackle this problem, here are the four most common areas of conflict that need crystal clear compensation policies. 

5. Drive Revenue at Scale by Improving Collaboration and Empowering Pre-Sales

We know that pre-sales improves close rates and renewals, ultimately resulting in more revenue. And traditionally, quality > quantity in pre-sales. But, isn’t it also crucial to close more deals and amp up on the quantity? Yes and it is possible for pre-sales to increase quantity without sacrificing quality.

Konnor Martin from Pre-sales Collective shares from his experience that the velocity and win rates we strive for are impacted positively by focusing on the following four areas: collaboration, knowledge management, content access, and customer experience. Link to more insights.

6. The Hidden RevOps Mandate That Helps You Be a True Partner to GTM Teams coming in strong and asking the right questions! We know RevOps is a function responsible for planning, reporting, commissions, CRM, and conflict resolution, but here’s the thing: that’s not the complete picture. This is not everything that RevOps does. There’s one very important RevOps mandate we don’t talk about enough. Find out what it is here.

7. Who Should Run Commissions - RevOps or Finance?

There’s always been a subtle tug of war between RevOps and Finance on who runs commissions. It’s not just about what goes into commissions but also about who is best-equipped with all the big guns to do it accurately and efficiently. We’ve mapped out four key stages of compensation design and which team fits the bill perfectly here.

8. How a Senior Revenue Operations Leader Runs a Quarterly Business Review

Adding RevOps function to your business? You’ll need to revamp the quarterly business review as well. Why? QBRs help gain full visibility, drive efficiency, hit critical key performance indicators, and most importantly, strategically plan for the future quarters to achieve growth. 

A QBR well-executed helps in sales plan optimization and  gaining critical leadership buy-in. This blog by Rosalyn Santa Elena, Head of RevOps at Clari is an absolute gem to know the steps to take to run QBRs more successfully and what to focus on to drive your strategic business initiatives and growth.

9. 8 Proven Sales Forecasting Methods for Greater Accuracy

There is an array of different sales forecasting methods out there. And, as we know, getting an accurate sales forecast is almost as important as hitting the revenue target itself. But, how do we know which technique will give you the most accurate view? Choosing the right forecasting technique can increase your levels of accuracy in predicting future revenue.

This post discusses sales forecasting methods that have proven to be effective at HubSpot, a combination of these methods and a high-level overview of each method used. Check it out here.

10. Sales Operations Demystified: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How To Do It Right

Because of its broad scope and deep impact on both top line (productivity) and bottom line (efficiency) performance, the sales ops department has become a strategic and indispensable component of a mature sales organization, especially in the enterprise, SaaS and B2B space.

Written by Max Altschuler, VP of Sales Engagement at Outreach, this blog is exhaustive and covers everything from Agile Sales Ops to how to build and hire for the team. If you are still wondering about hiring for Ops, this article will help you understand the various value Ops teams bring to the table. Check it out here.

And that’s my top-10! When you read through them, you’ll agree with me when I say that the authors of these blogs know what they’re talking about and these insights will take you up a notch in better functioning as RevOps. 

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