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10 Must-Read Blogs for RevOps Professionals- July Edition

Adithya Krishnaswamy
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10 Must-Read Blogs Posts for RevOps Professionals- July Edition

In July, we were super pumped with all that Olympics energy. Oh man, the sportsmanship and the spectacular show of skill was really something else, huh? 

While athletes were out there winning medals, let’s just say we found some gold in the realms of RevOps too, thanks to the invaluable content RevOps experts are putting out there! 

So, here’s our top 10 blog posts that every single person in the industry should read this month. 

1. 12 RevOps Podcasts You Should Be Listening To RIGHT NOW!

You’ll find a lot of podcasts out there but some RevOps ones are absolute knockouts! Here’s our list of the 11 RevOps podcasts that need to be on your playlist. 

2. Effective Sales Enablement: The Tools, Tactics, and "Treasure" Every Sales Team Needs

Sales enablement is the combination of the tools, tactics, and "treasure" (the collateral, slide decks, and any other marketing materials) that a sales team uses and needs to close new accounts or upsell current clients. More here.

3. Create a Request Process to Level Up Your RevOps Game

With COVID-19 and remote work, people have more digital channels to ping someone for everything they need. How do you manage all these requests without losing your sanity? A request process is key… Read on.

4. 3 Proactive Revenue Operations Projects That Deliver Value

RevOps maintains a list of both proactive and reactive projects. Then, they prioritize based on company goals, level of effort, and projected value. If you look at your to-do list and feel like you’re moving from one small fix to the next, consider tackling one of these proactive RevOps projects to get started.

5. Bookings vs. Collections-Based Compensation: What to choose for your SaaS product?

Every sales leader can relate to the problem that finance and revenue operations have with paying against signed contracts. So, should we all move to a collections-based model to address the concerns of finance and ops teams? Let’s find out.

6. Back to Basics: Opportunity Best Practices

Often, young companies only decide to invest in an experienced administrator for a CRM when their sales team revolts and stops using it. Read more on opportunity best practices to avoid making a decision that will cause you pain down the road or reverse a less than ideal configuration in an org you're managing today.

7. How To Dodge Death by Lead Score

It’s simply easier to know your target when your sales volume is low and your product caters to a niche. While small organizations may know their ideal prospect, they often make a fatal error when developing a demographic lead score to gate lead delivery to inside sales. More on this here.

8. Taking Off With Hypergrowth: Metrics to Track

Hypergrowth can make your business. It can also shatter your company. Growing at such a pace requires exceptional sales management, planning, and execution. Without those processes in place, deals slip, customers grow frustrated, and that fast growth can lead to a hard crash. Read here.

9. How to Pick a RevOps Agency: According to 4 Successful Pros

If you’re thinking of picking a RevOps agency, this is the blog post for you. Look at the four core skills of a first-rate RevOps partner and the three questions you should ask during your evaluation. Find out here.

10. 9 Strategic Tips to Propel Your Operations Career

Sooner or later, all Ops folks realize that they can offer more than just putting out data fires. This article condenses the best career guidance for becoming a strategic ops pro.

These are our July picks in RevOps. We’ll continue to scout for more amazing content out there and bring you must-read posts every month. To have carefully-curated lists delivered to your email, subscribe to our newsletter now!

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