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10 Must-Read Blogs for RevOps Professionals- December Edition

Vanipriya Moorthi
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Smiling with glee at those unwrapped presents, we all bid goodbye to 2021. As y’all continue to cherish the time of closures, we chose to celebrate it in our way. Ticking on our traditions, ‘Cheers!’ to a compilation of RevOps content we celebrate this season.

1. RevOps Manifesto: Implementing RevOps in 2022

As RevOps professionals, our purpose is to seek balance and trade-offs between enhancing customer experience and driving financial efficiency for the organization. Initially, the struggle is knowing how to steer the revenue engine and streamline its processes. A trick that could sort it out for you, would be to adopt and adhere to these manifestoes. 

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2. Unlock RevOps Efficiency with a Solid Operating Cadence

Zoom fatigues led us to focus more on optimizing our conversations for all the right reasons. Having said that, in the RevOps system of things, cadences determine growth. For you to make the most out of these cadences, it becomes primal to prioritize and prep for the touchpoints that matter.

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3. 15 Hilariously Accurate RevOps Memes of 2021

Who controls the meme, controls the universe they say. Celebrating the rise of revenue operations with a bunch of comic relief. Let’s laugh off the Oops! moment in the Ops role.

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4. Bringing Standardization to RevOps through Systems, People, and a Dash of Psychology.

The clarity in work need not necessarily come through, you know? I guess we will eventually gain it only if we set up processes and standards for communication. As we know, each of us in the organization has an opinion and a need and they don’t always align. To make things easy for everyone, begin to understand the art of adoption.

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5. How a Top RevOps Consultant Helps Startups Grow Revenue in 4 Steps

Marc Belgrave, a growth advisor shares his fruits of wisdom on how to tie the knots of a business in the right order to reap revenue growth that’s scalable over time.

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6. 10 Reasons Why Calculating Commissions in Spreadsheets is a Nightmare

Does making mistakes make you merry? Nope. Well, I guess It’s not wrong to say that spreadsheets can become a headache if you’re choosing ‘em to calculate commissions.

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7. 90 Days In: Building an Empathetic RevOps Team

At the end of the day, our RevOps heroes are humans too, trying to navigate through the challenges in the best way possible. I think it’s high time that we embrace and express empathy with ourselves and with others.

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8. The Top 25 RevOps Leaders of 2022

The list of leaders to look up to is out already?

Let’s hear it for the RevOps experts for championing insights that drive better outcomes, optimizing processes that align sales and marketing, and increasing sales efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

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9. Why and When You Need to Consider a CPQ

We all know that sales reps stress over sending stellar quotas to customers on time. How do we de-stress reps to level up their game in selling?

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10. Revenue Operations: The NextGen Stage Of Business

The NextGen stage is nothing but an opportunity for businesses that desire to be more revenue and customer-focused to reimagine their current internal structures. In modern times like these, revenue operations are empowering businesses to thrive and transform their growth to the next stage. 

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And, that’s a wrap!

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