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15 Hilariously Accurate RevOps Memes of 2021

Vanipriya Moorthi
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Have you wondered why scrolling through memes is a part of one’s daily routine? 

It is due to the fact that memes grasp and solve a powerful need of humans—it makes us feel seen and heard. Also, for the majority of us, memes serve to be truly therapeutic. It does the magic of mellowing the mind numbing moments.

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As we embrace all the learnings from 2021, we urge y’all to laugh off the ‘Oops!’ moments in your Ops role.

Here's a chill pill for you—a collection of 15 hilariously accurate RevOps memes that guarantee the release of your endorphins.

1.  Unleashing the power of one:

    Source - Jacki Leahy

2. Closing deals at the end of the quarter be like: 

Source -  Everstage   

3. Classic case of reel vs. real:    

Source: RevOps Co-op  

4. How to annoy a sales rep 101: 

Source - Adithya Krishnaswamy

5. How difficult is too difficult?

Source - Presales Collective

6. Must. Automate. EVERYTHING!

Source - SetSail

7. We're sort of a big deal, you know?

Source - Jacki Leahy

8. Erring on this since forever:

Source - Everstage

9. I’ve won.. But at what cost? 


10. Things will get better..right?

Source: Pavilion

11. The perfect gift doesn’t exist: 

Source - Everstage

12. A hard balance, though:

Source - Presales Collective

13. Dashboards, here I come

Source - blog.close

14. What is that you truly desire?  *in Tom Ellis’ voice*

Source - Everstage

15. Gotta give ‘em props:

Source - Kriya RevGEN

Now that you’ve spent some happy time chuckling at these RevOps memes, spread some smiles by sharing them with your fellows.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Samra Taban for editing the blog and Aravindh Natesan for the designs.

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