Sales Compensation Vendor Evaluation Scorecard

Use this vendor evaluation checklist to score vendors based on their capabilities across core sales compensation modules.
The trick to picking the right sales compensation vendor for your business is to evaluate how closely the vendor’s capabilities align with the key requirements of your sales compensation structures.

Download our Sales Compensation Vendor Evaluation Scorecard to compare vendors on a wide range of modules and features.

This vendor evaluation scorecard arms you with insights and information on what your business needs in its sales compensation tool and which vendors offer exactly that. With this vendor scorecard template, you can evaluate each compensation software vendor’s features and compare them with other vendors in the running.

Start off by shortlisting up to 3 vendors that you think would be a good fit for your sales comp needs and evaluate them in the following vendor selection criteria:

For each feature, mark the level of importance it holds for your sales compensation process. To compare vendors, we follow a scoring system where you can rate each vendor’s capabilities from 0 to 5.

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