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Drive your sales team’s performance, and build a modern culture of trust with transparency of commission payouts.
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Everstage for Sales

For motivated, informed and happy sales teams

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Time kills deals. The longer the deal is sitting in the pipeline, not moving forward, the lesser chances there are of closing it. Budgets move on. People leave companies. Leadership changes. Crystal is a good snapshot view 
to help solve potential hurdles 
that prevent us from closing deals.

Gerry McManus

Strategic Account Executive

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I am able to track my personal goals and KPIs, making sure I am hitting the numbers I am aiming for in that financial year. I really love the dashboard’s easy-to-read monthly reports of payouts. The fact that you can filter it based on various time periods is extremely useful.

Anthony DeMatteo

Client Services Manager

  • Provide visibility of commissions 
to your sales team

    Provide visibility of commissions to your sales teams

    Spare your payees the anxiety of not knowing their commissions until the last day of the quarter. Create an environment of trust and security by offering insights about their commission plans, payouts, and quota attainment all year round.

  • Gamify commissions to keep 
your sales reps focused

    Gamify commissions to keep your payees focused

    Motivate your teams to go above and beyond their quota with advanced forecasting of potential payouts and leaderboards to accelerate revenue generation.

  • Derive crucial insights about 
your team’s performance

    Derive crucial insights about your team’s performance

    Make informed decisions with actionable performance intel for payees and leadership. Know exactly what is happening with your sales team’s accounts and help them reach their targets.

Best ROI in the industry

Get ROI 2x faster than other industry players

7 months
16 months
An average customer of Everstage gets payback within just 7 months, according to leading software review platforms.
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Trusted commissions partner
for Sales teams worldwide

Offer on-demand commission information

Empower your payees with access to their payout information at a granular level using Everstage’s detailed earning statements.
Offer on-demand 
commission information

Keep your teams focused on their targets

Boost productivity and maintain morale to attain quotas by sharing regular updates about quota attainment, milestones, payouts and more with proactive notifications on Email and Slack/Microsoft Teams.
Keep your team focused 
on their targets

Motivate your teams with commission predictions

Power your sales teams with a visualization of their payout scenarios if they were to close certain deals in their pipeline, and measure their impact on payouts with Everstage’s advanced commissions forecasting, Crystal.
Motivate your team 
with commission predictions

Know how your teams are performing

Stay on top of your team’s progress with Everstage’s custom dashboards and advanced reporting to visualize metrics and derive crucial insights to amplify performance.
Know how your team is performing

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