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10 Must Read Blogs for RevOps Professionals - May Edition

Siva Subramanian
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We’re back with our Roundup blog series for the month of May, with another enthralling set of RevOps reads that you shouldn’t miss. From the top books for RevOps leaders to expert takes on growing and scaling RevOps teams, we’ve got you quite a few interesting blog posts. Read on!

1. The RevOps Framework for Renewals

You have to empower your customer success team or account management team (if that’s who’s responsible for renewals in your org) to retain customers.

Through a combination of process, systems, analytics, and enablement, RevOps can be an instrumental part of building that renewal strategy.

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2. Running a Global RevOps Team with Unicorn-Level Culture

Lauren Huges, the Global Head of Revenue Operations at InMobi talks about what it takes to run a global RevOps team, the challenges that come with it, and how she navigates through them all. 

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3. Is RevOps ripe for Observability?

The RevOps model has allowed B2B SaaS companies to drive the mandate of full-funnel accountability. However, many questions that RevOps teams ask remain unanswered. It can greatly benefit from an observability layer to enable end-to-end visibility, insights, and collaboration.

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4. 3 Books Every RevOps Leader Should Read

The scope of a RevOps leader can be overwhelming – not least when Revenue Operations is a new or recent focus for your company. That's why almost every RevOps leader has their own recipe for success. If you haven’t developed yours, or you're open to new ideas, then it’s time for you to gain a fresh perspective. Or rather, three fresh perspectives. Here are the top three books for every RevOps leader. 

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5. 4 CEO Lessons on How to Protect Revenue During a Downturn

The CEO of Clari, Andy Byrne, writes about navigating through current market challenges. He has shared four essential steps that the Revenue leaders have to take to tackle the uncertainty in the market and come out of the downturn stronger. 

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6. How RevOps Should Think about Tech Partnerships?

In the current API economy, businesses have understood that single-handedly coping up with the technology trends might not be an ideal way to scale. Therefore, companies are aggressively following the ‘two heads are better than one approach to level up their market presence.

Goes without saying, functioning as RevOps entails constantly looking out for levers you could pull to deliver top-line revenue growth for your business. With that being your north star, one of the high-impact avenues that are worth exploring is technology partnerships. 

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7. How Can RevOps Establish a Framework for Churn and Expansion?

Customer churn and expansion are two key KPIs that businesses can’t ignore. While by definition, these metrics may look like straightforward ones, the reality is much different. Every new leader would come up with their own interpretation, and businesses would be forced to adapt to new methods such as considering the trail users for the churn, breaking down your churn into segments, cohorts, etc.

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8. How to Run a Powerful RevOps GTM Meeting

RevOps touches every aspect of go-to-market -- it’s the glue that proactively ties in all stakeholder information and the conduit that aligns teams around a shared goal. They are the collaborative heartbeat of a good business. And they need to be at the helm of interconnecting teams and driving revenue. That’s why a weekly or bi-weekly cross-teams GTM stand-up is so important. 

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9. Experts Reveal How to Grow and Scale Your RevOps Team

Get to know how Revenue Operations leaders from Highspot, EcoVadis, and RingCentral established a track record of scaling RevOps teams to new heights. You'll hear their top tips, challenges, tech stack, and advice on getting started in revops.

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10. How Implementing RevOps Strategies Can Help Marketing Teams

Marketing campaigns can be costly endeavors, and there’s a lot riding on their success. That’s why more and more companies are turning to revenue operations to help make sure their marketing teams are operating at peak efficiency. Revenue operations is all about optimizing the way a company generates revenue, and that includes using data to track and improve marketing outcomes.

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