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10 Must Read Blogs for RevOps Professionals - February Edition

Siva Subramanian
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All the frenzy surrounding the month of love has just come to an end, but we’re going as strong as ever with our ritual of bringing quality RevOps content to you. Here we go!

1. The Sales Forecasting Spreadsheet

Sales Forecasting is a topic that every RevOps Leader will eventually have to tackle. Nothing is 100% predictable, it doesn’t harm to learn methods to get that extra edge in your prediction game. That extra level of predictability could be the difference between success and failure over the short-term, and help bring stability to your entire revenue organization. 

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2. The Modern Leader’s QBR Playbook

Defining and agreeing on the purpose of QBRs is the first step to having an effective and strategic QBR meeting. The purpose shouldn’t be focused on support and bug fixes but rather strategic meetings with a plan and a purpose. QBRs should strengthen the customer relationship and lead to expansion opportunities which are so critical in high-growth SaaS models. 

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3. How RevOps Solves Your Growth Challenges at Seed, Series A, and Series B 

A seed-stage company with a small sales team faces different challenges than an enterprise-level company with multiple sales reps in multiple territories. A startup with a minimal marketing budget executes different strategies than a Series E company that can afford to buy a Super Bowl commercial.

The same can be said for the RevOps function. Establishing a strong revenue operations function can help your company at every level of growth.

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4. The Ultimate Guide to Sales Forecasting in 2022

Accurate sales forecasts can have a major impact on your business in a number of ways. For one, they allow you to plan for the future. They also provide you with an indication of upcoming sales and profits. This information can then be used to allocate your resources accordingly enabling you to stay ahead of the curve and avoid any potential problems. 

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5. Are You Ready to Take RevOps to the Next Level? — How to Optimize Your Revenue-Focused Operation

There are essentially four RevOps levels at which companies can deploy the discipline. Once you find your operational level, you can optimize RevOps in your organization. Optimization, in this case, means capturing the right, real-time data across go-to-market business functions. Then using it to optimize customers’ experiences — from sales to marketing to customer success and support.

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6. Effective SaaS Commission Plans Ft. Stephen Covey's Circle of Control

You measure the performance of your reps based on a pre-defined set of commission components. But, are they mapped to the right set of components all the time? We believe not. This only confuses your reps, and they become less focused on their targets. 

So, here’s a solution. With Stephen Covey’s Circle of Control, you can clearly define commission components for your reps without any complexity. 

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7. Why Customer Experience is Key for Revenue Performance

In the old days, the customer experience was usually considered an operating expense, not a revenue driver. However, things have changed. Nowadays, with the explosion in the popularity of revenue performance management, smart leaders recognize the possibilities of customer experience to drive revenue through customer retention, expansion, and the creation of customer advocates. 

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8. RevOps is the Shell to Your Revenue Taco

Briana Yarborough, the co-founder, and COO of CModel speaks about the connection to finance and other departments, why you need to embrace teamwork, and ways to be an outstanding team of one.

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9. Why Sales Organizations are Ditching ‘Dummy Doc’ Agreement Templates

For years, negotiating and closing deals, as well as billing, have been split across spreadsheets, CRMs, and countless apps. But, here's the thing, spreadsheets, and word processing have not fundamentally changed in decades. While this may seem like it could work in a low-velocity environment, it becomes a huge headache very quickly. If you are thinking about building a scalable sales process, I assure you it's time to ditch the spreadsheets.

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10. How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy as Part of RevOps

As a business leader, no doubt you’ve heard about the big push for content marketing. But how does content marketing fit into your B2B company’s revenue operations strategy? Where should your content focus be and how on earth do you create an effective content strategy for your business? 

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