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Chargebee improves the sales commissions experience for 300+ sales reps across 50 teams


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Chargebee provides a subscription management and recurring billing system for SaaS and e-commerce businesses.


faster monthly commission calculations


more time for admins and reps to review payouts


reduction in payout queries

The Challenge

Chargebee was managing commissions for more than 300 reps across 50 commission plans manually

Before Everstage, Chargebee’s Operations team would run commissions manually for hundreds of reps based out of 5 regions. The process started with gathering data required from multiple sources to calculate commissions, compiling them, and running the numbers.

Each commission plan had a minimum of 4 components with different quota categories. After calculating commissions, the data would then be shared with sales reps to review their payouts.

The first week of the month or quarter was mayhem for administrators and sales reps alike. It became tedious for admins to work with huge volumes of spreadsheets. They barely had time to complete this process from start to finish as there was a tight deadline with finance to send over the final numbers. Reps only had 1-3 days to ensure that their payouts had been calculated correctly.

The administrators would get buried under requests for calls from reps during the review time. Reps were convinced that their payouts were accurately calculated only when explained over a call.

“Once we rolled out payouts, my calendar would be packed with back-to-back calls just to explain how commissions were calculated. We had to work multiple shifts to accommodate calls from three geographies.

Shivaranjani K

Senior Commission Specialist

Another challenge that Chargebee had was commission contract management. With new hires every month, frequent promotions, and role changes, the organisation used a third-party app to share contract documents with sales reps.

However, administrators did not have any control over the process. There was no visibility whatsoever on whether the variable pay stated in the contracts were correct. There was no way to know if the reps read through and signed their contracts.

Since the Operations team had to dedicate the first week of every month entirely to manual commissions processing, Chargebee decided it was time for a change. They wanted a commission partner that would help administrators shift their focus to other crucial responsibilities towards revenue growth.

The Solution

Chargebee streamlines the commission process end-to-end with Everstage, right from contract signing to payout processing

Commissions like clockwork

Given the complexity of commission plans and the volume of data, Everstage’s seamless and intuitive interface automates Chargebee’s entire commission lifecycle.

As all calculations are run by the system and there are no manual calculations required, sales teams get enough time to review their commission numbers and get back to the administrators with any doubts.

“Partnering with Everstage has been amazing! Their focus on providing a complete tool that meets our requirements of end-to-end visibility and ownership of the entire commissions process has been outstanding.”

David Levanon

Senior Director, Head of Revops

Visibility of compensation plans

With Everstage’s DocuSign integration, rolling out commission contracts is now a breeze. Chargebee moved away from the third-party app and gained more control over the accuracy and timely transfer of contracts to multiple sales teams at the same time. Besides saving days of time and effort on contracts, sales reps can view their compensation plan within Everstage to understand how they got paid.

The Result

Chargebee completely eliminates the chaos of commission processing every month and also offers crystal clear visibility into payouts

Commissions processing on auto-pilot

All things commissions are done and dusted within the first few days of the month systematically, meaning administrators can stick to their timeframe of paying out commissions within the first week of the month or quarter. The entire process was smooth sailing, therefore saving administrators and reps from a week full of chaos.

Administrators can now focus on other responsibilities and give sales reps enough review time to address any doubts they might have. Sales reps are also confident about their payouts as the commission calculations are accessible to them at all times.

“The effort we take to get the commissions rolled out in the first two weeks has come down phenomenally. Before Everstage, we wouldn’t even be able to take a day off during payouts. Now, I am very confident about rolling payouts in the set time frame with Everstage.”

Shivaranjani K

Senior Commission Specialist

Contracts for 100s of reps in less than an hour

Administrators spend a maximum of 45 minutes to send out contracts for over 300 sales reps. They can also track signatures and ensure that sales reps have complete visibility every month on how they got paid. This feature made contract signing for new hires completely seamless and error-free.

Administrators spend less time clarifying compensation plans and payouts. Queries have also significantly reduced as sales teams get visibility of their compensation plan components.

“Contracts on Everstage increase our communication with sales teams on their compensation plan components, changes in their variable pay etc. We don’t get many queries as they can view the plan document and align it with Everstage’s detailed earning statements.

Shivaranjani K

Senior Commission Specialist

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