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Health Gorilla

Health Gorilla is an interoperability platform providing permitted access to actionable patient data for creating a more equitable healthcare ecosystem.

35 days

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faster implementation than other new age players

Health Gorilla was making use of spreadsheets to calculate their commissions. In their pursuit to prepare for growth, they decided to proactively automate the process, and optimize for higher transparency of payouts. Health Gorilla was looking for a commission partner that would be able to help them achieve high accuracy and visibility into their performance statistics in order to keep up with their growth plans.

Sun Choi, SVP of Finance at Health Gorilla, was already well-acquainted with the drill. In his previous organization, he had evaluated several commission automation platforms, and used a new-age player. Team Health Gorilla wanted to find and implement a commission platform in a short duration of time. As a result, they were looking for an easily-configurable commission platform with quick implementation, and justifiable lifetime costs.

Everstage in Action

As part of the Everstage evaluation experience, our commissions experts conduct a no-cost proof-of-concept wherein you can see how the system calculates payouts for your organization’s commission plans. With agility and quick time to value being our priorities, Health Gorilla’s commission plans were set up and the system was demonstrated with their data in less than a week’s time.

Team Health Gorilla was happy with the detailed POC done by Everstage's team of experts. On seeing their commission plans come to life with robust data visualization and in-depth breakdown of commission calculations, they were ready to implement Everstage to streamline commission processing.

Compared to the commission tool I’ve used previously, Everstage is built differently and is more logic-based, flexible and scalable. The UI is also more intuitive for sales reps to engage and understand their payouts.

Sun Choi

SVP of Finance

Sun Choi Quote image

Implementing Everstage

Health Gorilla’s commission plans were designed to pay out a certain percentage of earned commissions on booking and the rest on invoice payment. They had to keep track of the processed commissions as well as the pending amount. Everstage processes their plan with the Settlements feature wherein the sales reps will be able to view their total payouts, earned commissions as well as their deferred commissions for that time period.

Deffered commissions for health gorilla

Everstage-owned implementation is completely done without any third-party services. With our primary focus being quick deliverability and high quality standards, Health Gorilla wasn’t incurring additional service costs. There were also no delays caused due to miscommunication or prolonged timelines.

Nothing was lost in translation with Everstage’s implementation since it was done in-house by their team from start to finish.

Sun Choi

SVP of Finance

Sun Choi Quote image

Health Gorilla had a tight deadline to go live with Everstage and make it available to both administrators and commissionable employees alike. Team Health Gorilla worked swiftly with our in-house implementation team to accomplish the task within a month.

Our dedicated onboarding manager from Everstage did a really good job of thoroughly understanding our commission plan, validating it, and putting it into action very quickly. In my previous experience with implementing a commission automation platform, it took over two months to complete the process.

Sun Choi

SVP of Finance

Sun Choi Quote image

Health Gorilla has now built a culture of trust and transparency of commissions. Sales reps use Everstage to get a granular view of what they are earning. Administrators find it simple and intuitive to build plans with Everstage’s plan builder as well as keep a close eye on commissions getting paid out.

Team Health Gorilla has gotten positive feedback from the end users who've been engaging frequently with the Statements and Queries module. Their sales team is also particularly excited with Crystal, Everstage's advanced commission forecasting module. Reps can make an informed decision on which deals to prioritize and close to hit their targets.

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