Winning in a Tough Sales Landscape: Proven Techniques For Difficult Environments

22 FEB 2023, 11 AM PST
Virtual | Live Webinar
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Our speakers

siva everstage
Siva Rajamani
Co-Founder and CEO
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Mike everstage
Mike Groeneveld
VP of Global Sales
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Succeeding in tough sales environments requires more than magic.
The right tools, methods, and plans are necessary to overcome obstacles and tackle new complexities.

Do you find yourself struggling to demystify your prospect’s mind?
Has your crystal ball run out of effective ways to get your prospects?
It's time to retire your crystal ball and start gazing into a brighter future of stellar revenue.

In this webinar, we partner with Modern Sales Pros in bringing insights on proven strategies to overcome the challenges in selling.

What you can expect
  • Sales Psychology - Techniques To Connect With Prospects and Win Revenue
  • Cut Through The Noise - Tips To Stay Relevant In A Over Saturated Market
  • Retention Of Your People - How To Create A Winning Culture within the team and keep the spirits up high

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Who should attend?

Sales Leaders &
Sales Reps
C-suite Executives
Operational Leaders

What is in the session?

The survey on the impact of the economic downturn on the SaaS industry, revealed that more than two-thirds of SaaS firms didn’t hit their targets during H1 in 2022, and nearly 80% of them said that they faced lots of hurdles in achieving their sales goals.

It also revealed that 42% of companies are reducing their quota to set more realistic targets in light of the market slowdown, while the other 40% are planning to introduce special incentive plans to motivate their sales teams for target attainment.

On February 22nd at 11 AM PST, our experts will share some valuable techniques and insights to help you succeed in the challenging sales environment.

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