Everstage vs captivateiq

Everstage is the CaptivateIQ alternative for those who want an intuitive UI with intelligent commission predictions

SOC2-Type 2 & ASC606 Compliant
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Everstage vs captivateiq

Everstage is the CaptivateIQ alternative for those who want an intuitive UI with intelligent commission predictions

SOC2-Type 2 & ASC606 Compliant
Hassle-free Migration
Lightning fast Onboarding

Here’s what people who use CaptivateIQ say on
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Simple things seem to take an extra screen/step to do.

I do get the sentiment that we could honestly use excel for this.

The interface still looks a bit dated with some hiccups in the user experience.

We've experienced a lack of dashboard visibility for the sales reps.

Reporting is not intuitive and hard to use. Any changes require a lot of rework, and its hard to bulk export data.

I would like to see my commissions populated in real-time after closing a deal.

I dislike how you have to wait until the end of the month to see the payout - it would be nice to see them gradually accumulate

Graphs can be confusing to read. Does not denote where accelerators kick in.

Learning the formulas and terminology to build the original comp plans was at first a challenge.

You need to be able to know how to write formulas similar to that of excel. If the person doesn't know excel formulas this will be a limitation.

It can be a bit daunting to use, view and understand--especially depending on how your org has commission structures set up

I wish there were more tools that could help us with predictions

Needs more granular details on payout structure.

I wish there was better reporting for us to extract the data and review.

Looks a little like a glorified spreadsheet

The UI is not my favorite. It's a bit bare and there was not of additional functionality.

Sometimes the information being pulled is inaccurate and I think the SFDC integration needs some work.

Getting your commissions data should be prompt and straightforward

CaptivateIQ has a confusing user interface

It takes forever for new users to get a grasp of how to make use of the platform, especially if you are not fluent in formulae used in spreadsheets.

Everstage is very easy to use and learn

We've made our UI so intuitive and simple that you'd be able to use it to its fullest capabilities from your very first login.

On-demand and proactive updates on your commissions

No communication about commissions

CaptivateIQ users don't get any updates about their commissions or quota attainment status.

Proactive notifications on a regular basis

Everstage integrates with Slack and Teams to ship out proactive notifications about commissions, milestones and payout status.

Pick a tool that ACTUALLY replaces spreadsheets

CaptivateIQ is an Excel spreadsheet on cloud

You still have to deal with rows, columns and formulae making it impossible to scale (you could just use a spreadsheet instead).

You can scale exponentially with Everstage

You can easily create commission calculation workflows that can be replicated across different plans, making Everstage extremely scalable.

Intelligent payout prediction with Crystal

Simplistic view into future commission payouts

While CaptivateIQ provides predictive commission data, the capabilities are simplistic and don’t allow for different scenarios to be used for prediction.

Powerful commissions forecasting

Everstage's Crystal lets you visualize multiple payout scenarios based on granular level modifications in deal structure.

No more reliance on expensive support

Endless waiting for support to get things done

Even the simplest of changes require CaptivateIQ’s support team to get involved and for premium, instant assistance, users have to pay an additional fee.

Everstage has  multi-channel support

Everstage offers standard 24x5 support on slack, phone, and email, and premium support is available to all our users at no additional cost.

Here’s what people who use Everstage say

The UI is intuitive and also has seamless navigation. I love the Slack integration as it keeps me posted on all deal and payout updates.

Easy-to-read detailed commission statements help me see my progress quickly.

Not only was the tool smooth in terms of our implementation and go-live, we also had some of the best learnings from the Everstage team.

Everstage has been a game-changer for the team. We no longer have to worry about human error or meeting deadlines

My efficiency at closing deals has become better because of the visualizations and predictions that Everstage provides.

It is great that we don't need much manual effort when it comes to coding. It is a great idea and makes sales commissions and incentives easy to handle.

Customer success and implementation is A+, their team has been super nimble and accommodating to our compensation challenges.

I love the flexibility of the tool. It's super easy to build the unique plan structures based on our requirements. There is no platform limitation.

It is very clear that the folks at Everstage really care about their clients and providing long term success in their commissions processes.


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